Andy Shanks Stoughton
"The Six Week Monster Build"
Early July 2003 Andy Shanks Contacted SPP about giving his 5 year old rusty Stoughton a full blown hot rod spring air conversion, paint job, shorten 3 feet, custom side kit, and automotive "Viper Red" paint job.

  And ......Oh yeah he wanted to go to the Americas Truck Wash and Chrome Shop    Truck Show to compete on the 3rd weekend in August.  
  My son Steve Lambing was 13 years old at at the time and  his brother RJ was all of 16..........
  I had been blessed with two of the hardest working boys in America and we just couldn't say no to a good challenge.......................check it out!!

In six weeks Sean, Steve (14 now) and RJ (16) Pulled this off just in time to Make it to the show.
We did have some sizeable help the last week from the guy signing the front of our check....Boss Man  Andy...... who always had a stogie burning
Truck Show Wheeling WV August 2003
Best Flatbed Trailer /3rd Place Tractor and Flatbed Combo