Frank Puglease "Ironhauler Extrordinaire"
When you look up "Quintessential"  Iron Hauler " in the dictionary, there is no question that Pug fits that bill to the "T".   Hailing from the real "Iron City" Pittsburgh Pa , He has owned some of the baddest and by far the cleanest flatbed rides in the country, and we were chosen to build a trailer to match his custom built 2005 379 Peterbilt.  Here are some of the build and finished pics.
This outfit assembled in 2005 was a combination of Clint Moore from Kansas City Pete doing the tractor, and Serious Platform modifying this 1993 Great Dane Trailer. This would be any Iron Hauler's "Dream Outfit"
It is pictured above winning awards at Wheeling WV. and St. Ignus Michigan in the UP.
Frank also competed with the "Non-Working" trucks in Louisville KY and won an award.  
This outfit is pictured above at the "Dallas Pike" Truck show in 2005 winning 4 Trophies including overall "Best of Show"
Some of the options fabricated and installed on this trailer:

-"Air -Spring- Air" suspension system w/high flow capability
-Reyco Spring suspension w/custom springs to allow for easier turning under load and superb stability under heavy and top heavy loads
-Custom matched two-tone paint job
-Custom painted "Toledo Tarp Class Panel"striped side kit, Blind floating      rear center stake      
-Polished side kit stakes
-Custom rear end w/recessed backlit license plate
-Individual 12gage wiring to each side light w/all soldered connections and   individual conduit ran to dual electrical junction boxes.
-5" Positive camber , strapped tip to tip
-Leveled upper coupler to make unhooking under load very easy
-1,000,000 mile "revolver" Greaseless upper coupler lubrication system
-Braided rubber hoses and electrical cords connecting to tractor under         frame
-SPP "Quad Shock" system on both air axles for a better ride
-Coil well and "Stress Relieved" webbing while arching to keep webb            deflection to a minimum
-Polished welds, and feathered edges prior to painting
-Individual air bag Shut off valves in case of a bag failure