Serious Platform Productions Inc.
Air System Solutions
After working in this business for many years, I have come to realize that few people in the business and (that are also charging outrageous hourly repair rates) fully comprehend complete trailer air systems.
Most shops are full of "Parts Changers" and will eventually fix your problem by process of elimination ( at your expense)!!
Many trailers come from the factory with extra valves that are just not necessary, and the plumbing of most new trailers is ridiculous at best.

{My favorite is when a new trailer is built and plumbed with multi-colored air lines and then they all are painted black!! they should be in Congress}

Older trailers usually have had a melting pot of morons from all walks of life attempting to repair whatever the air system damages appear to be at the time while simply compounding the original problems by hanging new lines and valves................

Below are some examples of what I'm talking about.
We also do Hydraulic Systems