Serious Platform Productions Inc.
Jimmy  and Vicky
  After Pulling and older Aluminum Trailer for many years and having the frame fixed several times, Jimmy and his Wicked Nice 359 simply could not be talked into a tricked out custom Steel flat from yours truly here at Serious Platform.
He opted for a new MAC polished aluminum trailer. Actually a pretty good call,
I mean after he ordered it with a Godzilla 3-bag for a lift, and a custom side kit, as well as a high flow air system to maneuver into those tight spots making deliveries.
  All of these hot-rod options were done here before the trailer even hauled the first load. I tried to sell Jimmy on the walk through bulkhead door at the onset, but no dice..........He is a tough sell.
  After using a trailer with a bulkhead door while MAC was finishing up the build on his new trailer.............Jimmy got an idea........" Hey can you put a bulkhead door in my new trailer he asks??"  "Well that's a great idea now that MAC had just built a solid one piece polished bulkhead and welded it solid to the trailer!!"
  "Yes" I said......... so while planning the door, Jimmy says ......"one more thing.... I don't want it to stick out and I don't want a handle on it either".

NICE a challenge!

Here are the pics of building  as far as we know the only flush mounted polished bulkhead door with shaved handle and keyless entry..............for one last added touch when the door opens the light comes on inside the trailer, just like the fridge.

This is one Bad Ass outfit!!
  After Stress testing Jimmy's cardiovascular system while reviewing the invoice for this monster, Jimmy has had minimal problems after tweaking an air system so complicated that I even need to clear my mind with meditation before attempting to work on it. AND I BUILT IT!!
It's all good though we get a Christmas card every year from Jim and Vic, while looking forward to them stopping in for a cold one.