Serious Platform LLC
Building,Blasting, and Painting Since 1996
Specialized Trailer Full Restoration

Since 1996  Sean, RJ, & Steve 
Started Building "One of a Kind" 
Bad Ass, Old School, Spring Air, Flatbeds 

Now With RJ Moving West, and Josh on the Team
High Performance Specialized Trailers 
Have Since Become The New 

 Spring 2016
Our First Full Truck Build:
Full Double Frame
2 Speed Rears
Neway ADZ
Air Ride Steering
Custom Fenders
Bitchin Paint Work
Custom Polished Air Drier
Painted Tanks
and a lot more....

Sandblasting, Heavy Repairs, Industrial-Automotive Painting
From simple Blast and Paint to
Complete restoration "Stronger than New"
at around half the cost of new
Here's the Deal, There are Plenty of Shops That will Provide
"Industry Standard" or as We call it "Half -Ass"
Workmanship. If that's your thing, Have at it.

If You Want Real Quality, You Have found it:

Full Lowboy and Specialized Restorations
High Performance Reefer Suspension Subframes
Painted Graphics Remote Control Hydraulics
Modified Heavy Haul Truck Suspensions
Complete Modifications and upgrades
Don't See it, Just ask (Email us from the link below)
                                                                                                                      By Appointment Only
Recently we have decided that social
media is simply not for us.
We have removed our online presence from Facebook and will not be returning.
We have started our own Private VIP Interactive 
Email mailing list. 
It's for those interested in following craftsman building one off custom trucks and trailers.
If you have a project in mind that you would like us to consider....or
If you would like to be added to our Private email list, and you are not 
a douchebag....please feel free to contact us through the adjacent link , and we will contact you ,or put you on the list.

If you are a douchebag........... go be a douchebag somewhere else.
Jimmy's Ride
This is a Douchebag Free Zone
No Douchebag Employees,Customers orVendors..
No Douchebags on Facebook
And it's Staying that way.
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 If You Don't  Have Time to do it Right,
When Will You Have Time to do it Over?
                                                                        John Wooden
Some Assembly Required
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