Serious Platform primarily now consists of Sean & Josh.....however 
we have had many contributors in the past 17 years. Founded by Sean, Steve, and RJ. in 1996 the likes of Dale, Ed,Rob,Mike, Kenny, and Trevor,and Becca. Several others have surely helped along the way. 

  Our basic premise is this:

    " We can beat most Trailer Manufacturers at their own game"

After a customer understands that basic production trailer companies are in business to sell trailers,  and if these "cookie cutter "trailers lasted 20 years, their customer base would need to be tripled at least to remain profitable. Only then are they ready to break the cycle.

 All trailers are affected by rust and corrosion. Here at Serious Platform  we have been painting all kinds of these trailers with great success. Our thorough sandblasting and use of several types of Industrial/Automotive paint systems has also evolved over the years, and can protect your investment from the rust that never takes a day off.

 So with all of that being said, our mission is to treat trailers as a chain, meaning that they are only as strong as their weakest link. Most production trailers have been constructed with a high quality tempered steel (or aluminum), but have had some poor engineering or as I like to call it   "Planned Obsolescence"  built  right into their design.  This is bad for you the customer.  The worst of these culprits will remain nameless on this site, however as an operator in the flatbed business I'm sure you already have a clue. 

 We can change all of this by first of all, addressing all of these "Problems" that cause the "Symptoms" that would bring you to our company in the first place.

 To summarize our capabilities here at Serious Platform: 
First: We have full a service sandblasting operation as well as in house CNC plate burning capabilities.

Second: We can do heavy steel and aluminum frame and structural repairs, axle additions, frame stretching on trailers and trucks,          b-trains,as well as new flooring, design changes, and product improvements, from the "industry standard sorry -ass trailers" that plague this industry.

Third:  We can do painting from semi gloss industrial >> to ultra high gloss automotive metallic's that can be an exact match to your truck

Fourth: We custom design high flow trailer air ride suspension systems, custom design lighting systems, all kinds of cab operated functions

Finally: We can do all kinds of one off custom bulkhead doors, key-less entry shaved handles, lights, fenders,trailer rear builds. If you have an idea we will make it happen. 
 We look forward to finding solutions to the trailer problems that 
​all of our customers bring to our attention.

UPDATE: We now are working with the newest Hi-Tensile specialty steels available for custom applications as well as stacking the deck in the "strength to weight ratio" game. 

Serious Platform Productions Inc.
A Chain is Only as Strong as it's Weakest Link
When You Know What You Want and Can't Get it Anywhere Else