Our Shop Simply Would Not be the Same Without our
Dog Friends :) 

​   We lost part of the crew this week unexpectedly and he will surely be missed. 3-15-16

 Hercules, our rescued 185 lb English Mastiff.

 Several years ago we decided to get Allie our 135 lb female Mastiff a buddy to keep her company while I was out for sometimes weeks trucking.
 Somehow I found Hercules...or he found us.
 He was brought here from Iowa because he was so mean, nobody else would take him. I figured that I may have a "Slight".....(I mean Very slight...right??)... attitude problem myself, so maybe it would be a good fit? :)
 Well........ He had been abandoned in a field and suffered from a terrible grass allergy that manifested itself in really dry skin that made him stinky. So looking for attention, he would be destructive and he apparently had been beaten severely as a puppy often. :( 

 He showed up here late one evening, transported by volunteers in a Mastiff rescue program and shortly proved to live up to his reputation. He ransacked my place repeatedly, and over the next few weeks, ended up biting me 3 times. Then, one night we had to have an alpha dog understanding,....and after that he turned out to be the most loyal dog friend I have ever had.

 He would leave his food dish to follow me to the shop as my escort, only then after my safety was secure, he would return to eat his food.
 He would just light up like the 4th of July when Becca came over to visit as he knew he was in for lots of Becca hugs.
  I swear he would sit by my side in the office looking out the window at the snow or rain having flashbacks, just wishing he could thank me for the warm floor to lay on, and dry roof to lay under.  
 His tail always banging off of the floor wagging every time I walked into the room.
  Yeah he was a stinker, was always scratching his dry skin all over the friggin place, but he just was an awesome dog. 

 I was a sad day here by all as our Dog Friend Hercules was laid to rest.
 We will be building him a bitchin CNC cut grave marker for on the hill on the west side of the shop property. 
 Ironically he was buried with the same stuffed crab toy that he came here with. I swear that toy was his only friend when he showed up.

 He shredded every other toy that we gave him. I believe he could have chewed a Michelin 11r -24.5 tire into pieces if he wanted to. 

 So, May he rest in piece.

 He will not be forgotten and will have a spot soon on our website where his tail waggin can go on forever.

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