Welcome to the first in-process page for one of our builds.
We will be putting up pics on this page weekly and including Hyperlinks on our 
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James Criss is no stranger to top shelf truckin.
We have had the pleasure of making his reefer mean and nasty years ago. 
Now we are in the midst of a true Body Off supersizing of one of the finest rides you will ever see.

This is no Candy Ass, Pretty, Painted Up, Good Buddy, Wannabee Sheet Metal Machine.
It is ALL Business first and foremost.
Then and only then will we add the style, and the shine.

Rugged Functionality and Practicality 
embody the top priority of Mr. Criss on this build, and every build at 
so this is a great fit. 
We look forward to making the wannabees realize their place in the food chain of  real working custom trucks without Jim ever saying a word.

So .......sit back .....relax....and enjoy the pics.
A Fine 389 in its own right....
Jim Criss has summoned  us 
to make this sweet ride into a Heavy Haul Gunslinger

Jan 2016     Mission Accepted
 is keeping an eye on things
At this point Jimmy is starting to look a little concerned ....

At this point Jimmy is starting to look a lot concerned .....Hercules just looks like he wants somebody to feed him....again

 I say ..."No problem man"

That's what they say in Jamaica right?

​Now we can get down to business...
 the business of baddness :)

It Just needed to be a bit longer in the wheelbase department. 
So that's just what we did 

Thanks to Suspension and Steering Mastermind
"Toledo Spring Tom" helping us dial in the entire suspension 
from bumper to bumper.

 Having Jimmy Here involved in this build has been good for him, as well as us. He will ride out of here knowing exactly what kind of equipment he can rely on to make a living.
We get to make sure that the customer is happy with every detail of the build.

Not so much   :)
That smells like Progress

 We may even read the directions??!!
 After a well needed trip to the sandblaster, we got down to some nice heavy frame Peterbilt action.
 The proper way to build a monster starts with
A Solid Foundation
 Lots of progress right?     Jimmy is trying to figure out how to make his rear bumper work with the new full fenders.....???
And drinking Coffee......
How much coffee can a guy drink??? Look closely at the pic :)
I'm Just sayin...........

 I say...
"Hey lets mount the sumbitch upside down"......
Cut the flap mounts off.....
Josh can make the new mounting brackets no sweat....
 Shiny Wheels are always 
Shiny wheels on 60" centers
= Bitchin
HEY  !!   >>>

What Are You Lookin AT ???
<<<<<   HEY  !!                 

What Are You Lookin AT ???
​Jimmy , Can you.......and the Dog please get back to work? !!
Starting to Tear Down to 
Prepare for Industrial Substrate Coatings and Painting.
Each Part will be Detailed Before Blasting 

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden
If you don't have time to do it right.........
When will you have time to do it over??
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   John Wooden
Every individual part is being sandblasted and painted separately.

Well, the Boyz Turned These 4 Frame Rails Into Some Fine Tuned, Hand Crafted Works of art, then Blasted them and Prepared them for Zinc Coating.

There will not be one single hole in this frame without a bolt with a purpose in it.

Here is a Little More Caterpillar Porn

​It's Like the Painting of the Parts Will Never End.....

 Yes the Drive Shafts are Painted Metallic and 
Are sporting 2 coats of Clear

Seems Many Do Not 
Understand This
Simple Fact

​Allie Does :)

YES!  We are STILL Painting

​Today Marks the Beginning of the Reassembly:)

 I think we cut it close with Jimmy's sanity on this build. It seems that right as Jimmy was starting to pace the floor in circles talking to himself in riddles...........we were able to provide great news.
 "Jimmy ...hey man we are starting to put your ride back together TODAY!!"
He paused for a second then peeked up from behind the workbench to see what was going on....

I'm pretty sure that he is pleased with the quality of his ride that will have trouble finding an equal to park next to, 
 Yeah it has taken a while to build this thing, but the attention to detail paid to the every inch of this 389 took time in the design and building .
 Few will go to the length Jimmy has to build something that will look as good as it does  from looking up in a service pit, to the shiny topside view.  
 There will be no problem taking this rugged showpiece to any job site, loading some serious iron, and getting the job done with style and class.  
 It has taken a sizable commitment of time and resources to build a truck of this caliber, and it's been our pleasure to have been a part of it. Josh and Steve have far exceeded my expectations with their commitment to quality on this project.
 Good Job Boyz

 The fun part of this project is straight ahead.
Thanks to all who have offered feedback and comments.  

  Enjoy the pics.
 Thanks for Reading

Serious Platform

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​Frame Rails Coated with Zinc to Prevent Rust
All Frame Bolts Extra Threads Trimmed  
​More Industrial Primer After Chassis Assembly
Then Some Bitchin Carbon Flash Metallic
YEAH On The Frame....
The Whole Frame

​Having a Customer Who Want's to do Things Right......Priceless
Jimmy Is Wearin Down but Hangin Tough!
Building Baddness Is Hard Work :)

Time To Install One Sweet 6NZ
​Jimmy Spent Many Days Making This 
C-15 Righteous 
​So ...I'm feeling pretty good about completing ALL of the painting of this Prime 389....... and Jimmy says..."You Missed a Spot" !!

​I just had to calmly 
look Jimmy in the eye and say.....
"Yeah but Look How
Much I Got!!!!"

​Boy Jimmy That New Turbo Sounds Good!
 Good Evening,

 It's been a whole range of emotions experienced throughout the course of this build. As someone that loves what he does, and the leader of a team that does the same.... it's really is cool getting to go through the hard days, the bitching, bad moods, things that go wrong...dog poops in the shop...etc. :)
 On the other side of all of that for those who persevere, and only those who really put their heart and soul into a build get to really enjoy the fruits of their labor.
 T​​hose who get trapped chasing dollars to live above their means never get to look at the things they can create, and experience working as a team 7 days a week and then seeing it all come together.

 Being a cancer survivor has allowed me to break free from keeping up with all of the yahoos living that way , and allowed me to train this crew that really won't need to say anything to promote themselves at the end of this build. 

 I promise Project 324 will do all the talking.

  I have seen this crew grow leaps and bounds on this project.
 That's good news for our other customers who's projects we are currently a little behind on. 
 We will always try to make every project better than the last....and yes we have, do, and will continue to make a few mistakes.

 Enjoy the pics
Over and out